We went to AvilionFarm for a shearing event. This was the first (and so far only) time we have seen or participated in a goat shearing. We are hoping to get to a few more before we buy our own goats.
Here we are getting set up for the shearing, the lady in the dark shirt is the owner of the farm, sorry I have forgotten her name. Awesome and friendly lady she gave us a lot of information about sheep, goats and rabbits.

I apologize, I am terrible with names so do not remember the other two ladies names either but they were both very knowledgeable and gave us tons of hints, tips and suggestions.

For the table she uses some plywood and lattice to place the fleece on for the first cleaning step. After we learn what to do here and are done with the fleece, it is placed in one of those laundry baskets for storage until she has time to wash them. Each basket will have a note placed inside with the goats name so she knows which fleece is which.

I unfortunately also have forgotten the names of this couple that came to shear the goats. Both were very nice, friendly and did (to our eyes) a great job. We were told by the owner that this married couple are the youngest shearers (there is probably a more formal name for them) that she has seen and they always do a great job.

Here is a close up of the shearing process. They try to get as close as possible, the undercoat is the softest but small pieces, under about a inch long, aren't really useable. I can't imagine how the shearers can stay so focused and calm with a wiggly, bleating sheep between their legs! I had a hard time cutting my son's hair with a razor!

Here is one of the fleeces that has been removed from the goat. I think this is the first one actually. One of the ladies was so nice and patient with us, showing us how to clean the fleece. The fleece was so soft and fluffy with minimal trash or bugs. We probably would have gotten more done if we hadn't spent most of our time pumping her for information on raising goats and sheep.
Thanks again ladies for the exciting afternoon!



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