We had the front of a pair of jeans we were recycling into different crafted items left over. What to make? We decided to make a purse with it!

I picked a cool scrap cloth for the lining and cut a couple appliques from the material to add to the jeans. 

Then I picked a pretty red quilted scrap to make the handles. I cut out a double heart applique to add to the other side of the purse. 

I pinned the appliques on and sloooooowly machine zig zagged around the edges to hold the appliques down.
Next I sewed the straps for the purse, adding a cord to help turn them back the right way. Man that was really hard!   

Assembly Time! I sewed the top of the jeans, the lining and the straps together. I sewed with a small tight straight stitch twice, a few centimeters apart and went back and forth over the ends of the straps several times to ensure they stay put.

Next I sewed across the bottom because I wasn't too sure my machine could handle the side. I did a straight stitch across and then repeated with a more decorative stitch (I don't think you can tell in the picture so you'll have to trust me!). 

Well...time to see if we can get up the side. Whew! It was tough, my machine really objected, but I was able to sew all the way up the side, stopping about 3 inches from the top. It was too thick there so I had to do it by hand. I did sew up the side twice, first with the straight stitch and then with a decorative one.

Discovered when I hand sewed the top why people use thimbles. I don't have one but found the handle of a seam ripper works good!

Here we go all finished. Jean pockets are totally useable and the inside is lined so pretty. The little appliques look great and really make it pop! We have this lovely item at the local Recyclique store, stop by!

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