A lady at work asked if I could make afghans - she had seen me crocheting during down times for a couple months. I shared our website with her and told her 'Of course!"

She then asked if I could make a blanket for her 6 month old niece. Unfortunately she couldn't decide on what colors she wanted so I told her I would pick something that included the colors she mentioned.   

Heading to the store to buy yarn I was thinking to myself - how will I find one yarn that includes yellow, pink and purple? Well, of course, a varigated yarn might! And sure enough, melonberry to the rescue. Including a couple shades of pinks, yellows, orange, purple and I have no idea what the other color is supposed to be - greyish purple brown is my best guess.

I was actually making a granny rectangle baby blanket for Newborns in Need when she asked about making one for her niece so showed her that blanket but she wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. So I showed her the cowlcho I was making for another co-worker and she loved the shell pattern. So I made the Melonberry Afghan in a shell pattern (shell, 2 dc, shell). It worked out real pretty I think.

The request was actually for a 3x3 blanket but the  yarn is so busy that I felt it needed more length. I haven't measured it but I think it's probably a bit over 4 ft long and a bit less than 3 ft. wide. I left the edges all straight because I felt any edging would just make it look fussy.

Just to let you know, we love special orders, we are very flexible and we can create a pattern for something you want even if one doesn't currently exist. Just give us a chance to blog about you and your special request.

And if you are wondering, the coworker and her niece loved the blanket!!
Another happy and satisfied customer :)

Thanks for reading!!

St. Luke's here in Durham had an Alternative Gift Fair for two Sunday's in a row and we volunteered on part of Recyclique. 

Here is the view when you first walk into their activity building. 

Some days you just feel like ripping something up! So we decided to rip up some t-shirts! best way to make t-shirt cowls is to rip up some t-shirts! After ripping and pulling the strings, add a bit of decoration and there you have a great cowl.

These not only use an upcycled t-shirt but some quilt square scraps, so double re-use!

Kristina got on a little monster kick the other day. Unfortunately the drive didn't last too long but she did make a few items to show off. Here she is hard at work in my kitchen. Would you believe this girl has so much talent, creativity and beauty in one total package?!? Ok so might be biased due to the fact I am her mom and she totally takes after me but I am sure you can see what I am saying!!     

Here is the snuggle monster she was creating. Looks adorable doesn't it? The creature is reversible so is happy on one side, kind of mean looking on the other. Guess which side is up now?
Basically Kristina drew a shape on paper and then we transferred it to the back of the furry cloth, cut out the shapes and sewed them together. We stuffed the creature and then Kristina made some cute faces with felt scraps and buttons. You can glue these on or sew them, your choice.

Well frogs aren't really monsters some people do find them scary! Here is Kristina's frog hat in a 0-3 mo size! This soft and squishy hat is made with homespun in a couple colors with big googly eyes, what baby (or anyone!) wouldn't want one? Could be special ordered in your choice of colors and any size desired via our Etsy shop! :)

Here is a picture of her oh so adorable sea monster baby hat. Created with homespun it's soft and cuddly. (Homespun makes great hats, soft, thick and oh so warm!) The guy has some googly eyes and that fin you see at the top makes it wavy, wiggly way all the way down the back of the hat. Visit our shop at 2crochethooks.etsy.com to see more pictures.

We do love special orders so if you have to have one for yourself, just send an email to us!

Sometimes fun things happen when taking pictures!! Usually the funny ones or mistakes aren't shown so I added some here for your enjoyment!  Thanks for reading! Millie

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