I saw somewhere these cool pocket blankets and thought I would use some of that floral flannel I had to make a few for NIN. 

First I cut three pieces about 20 inches by 20 inches square. One piece I folded into a triangle.

Kristina wanted a belt bag and I wanted to make one. How was the question. So looking in our stash I came across this cute toddler skirt made of blue jean patches. So cute! Should be pretty roomy and the small waist would make a good size to hook to an adults belt and best of all it already has belt loops!

I sewed the bottom of the skirt with a nice tight straight stitch and then again with a decorative stitch (I like those, my Singer does like 15 different ones). I probably should have lined it but was having so much fun I didn't think about it!

Crafting takes a lot of space for a lot of supplies especially if you do many different types of crafts. There can be yarn, buttons, spools of thread, cloth, ribbons, you name it and we’ve got it. The real question is what to do with it all. Where do we put all of this stuff so that we can have space for all of it and space to work? We certainly can’t get rid of it, we need ever little bit and every skein of yarn is special. Even the yarn I am sure I will never use is too good to throw in the trash. So what do we do with it?

Not every person has a devoted craft room; I know my apartment doesn’t so I’m going to address both situations, craft room versus no craft room over a period of two weeks. This week: no craft room.

If you do not have a craft room you may have to bite the bullet and pare down your wares or find somewhere to store everything. I live in a three bedroom apartment with my husband and two children which means there is little room for storage so I’ve had to greatly limit my on hand supply. Thankfully I have Mom’s craft room to store most of it. You will have to address your unique situation and figure out where you have space to store your items. Then you will need to determine the most useful form of storage. In my case I mostly hold yarn and some minor supplies. I have all of my supplies in my closet in two containers, one narrow and tall set of plastic drawers for the yarn and a short fat one for other supplies. Having limited space helps me to make sure I use up the yarn I have before I get more (in theory if not always in practice).

Other ideas are the door hanging shoe holders, they are a great size for skeins of yarn and if you get the see through ones it can hold projects or supplies for easy view. I like to keep completed projects in a Ziploc bag to keep them safe and unsnagged.  Ziploc bags are also great for storing works in progress during any stage of progress. They even make big bags now for larger projects (like our cloak pattern).

I keep the scrap yarns wound up and put in Ziploc snack size or quart size bags depending on how big they are. It would be great to organize them by color, type, etc., but I do not have enough room for that. Instead I store the scraps in the drawers and store the large skeins on the door in the shoe holder.

In summary:

1: Assess your needs: what type of storage you need based on what you are storing.

2: Assess your space: do you have a closet, a table, a small corner? Maybe a couple spaces?

3: Be creative; if you have a door, hang a shoe holder or if you have a bare wall, try some shelves. My favorite are the plastic dresser type drawers, they are lightweight so I can move them as often as I like and they are see through so I can tell which drawer I want.

4: Put it away neatly and organized so you can find it later. It does not help to organize if you throw it all in a drawer, it will get messed up or it can get lost.

5: Create! Now that you know where all your supplies are you can create to your heart’s content and know where whatever it is you need is located.  


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