Our recent additions were the Blue's Clue's Line of hats. Its funny because as I am writing this post about the inspiration behind the line my 2 year old son is sitting mesmerized by Blue's Clues. Like any good parent I try to limit TV time and encourage imagination play; however, Blue's Clues is one of those shows I allow in our home. He has learned so much and he loves the show so much that he asks for it by name. Any time I bring the mail in he sings the song "We just got a letter" and dances around the house with his junk mail in his hands. I have even seen him stand on an open book and sing the "Blue Skadoo" song. (If you haven't watched Blue's Clues you probably have no idea what I'm talking about). 

So basically my 2 year old was my inspiration. I started with a Blue hat but it was much too small and went into the Preemie donation pile (we don't sell preemie size items, we donate them to Newborns in Need). The second one I tried was a Green Puppy hat. I did that one with the spots built right into the hat. It was a bit smaller than my 2 year old though so I did another Blue hat. This time I decided I wanted to sew on the spots so they would be more circular and stand out more. Next came Magenta in a size my daughter could wear. The last hat was Periwinkle and was my size as the cute little kitty is one of my favorites. That one was a bit harder, and I wonder in hindsight if I should have sewn the triangle stripe right into the hat. But I like the raised look of the stripe I made even if it was awkward to make. Its soft and squishy and totally cute. 

Hope this explains (to some extent) the method behind my madness. 
 We should all do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on our world. To help out we have started experimenting with upcycling.

This purse is a rescued and upcycled toddler skort we saved and re-purposed it. The strap is also made from a toddler dress that was stripped down into tarn. You may recognize the buttons from our upcycled capelet. For fun, we added a couple glass lamp-work beads from when we were exploring that craft. The purse is super soft, has beautiful colors and totally will show off your personal style (or at least ours)!

This is a belt bag we upcycled. The bag has belt loops on the back from a pair of black jeans we were using for a different project. The binding tape that makes up the stripes came from the scrap exchange so while they are technically new they are recycled. The great big button came from... well actually I'm not sure, but I'm sure we saved it because it was from our stash not from the store. The most interesting part (in my humble opinion) is the purse itself... its a sleeve. Yes  you read that right, its a short sleeve from a polo shirt, two actually they are tucked inside of each other so the outside is.. well outside, on both sides. This means no ugly seams on the inside, beautiful and upcycled at the same time.

Here is another fun and funky upcycled shorts purse. We used a pair of pink girls shorts Kristina's daughter had outgrown (they are washed and clean!).  We looped a bit of recycled ribbon to make a pass thru retro style handle and there you have a unique handbag.

These purses are currently being featured in the Scrap Exchange's artist's market spot. Stop by and see them!

If you have some fun upcycling projects and want to share pictures, we would be delighted to see them! Also we are looking for more great ideas of how to reuse t-shirt sleeves and some collars from some tarned golf shirts. Please send us your ideas and suggestions!!
Thanks, Millie

It’s time for the big reveal! Drum roll please!

Tada, our new line is none other than Blue’s Clue’s hats. My son loves Blue’s Clues, he watches all the old episodes on Netflix, yay Netflix. Now I do not own Blue’s Clues or anything, of course, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be too bad to have a hat based on each character.

 The first one I did was the green puppy hat, it ended up being a little smaller than I meant to (it was supposed to fit Bob but it’s more like for a 1 year old). It was cute, and I used tapestry crochet techniques to put two spots on the hat. The ears are cute and small like Green Puppy’s.

The second one was Blue and it was big enough for Bob, a 2 year old hat with room to grow. This time I decided to crochet the spots separately and sew them on. I think this gave it a more dynamic look and they were more circular too. The ears were big, floppy, and spotted, like Blue’s.

The third one as Rami’s size, she is 7, but it is also super stretchy and had a fold over so it could fit a wide range of sizes (including me). The ears were big and floppy again and I repeated the spots (but more of them) but the fun part was the stitch I used, I did TC this time, first time making a hat like that, and it gave it a springy feeling and also made it stretchy as I said.

Lastly I made a Periwinkle hat. This one was a little harder because of the triangular stripes he has on his cheeks. I decided to make it more of a stripe than just a triangle and it took some fiddling with to get it just the way I wanted it. I then had to sew them on like the spots were sewn on. This one I did mostly in HDC which was again new for me and created a closer knit look. It is super springy so I could tuck my pony tail in if I wanted but not too loose to wear normally. I did a fun trim to make it unique.

All the hats are soft and cuddly and pleasing to the eye. I was very pleased with how they turned out and hope you love them all. They will be launched over the next 4 days so if you don't see the one you want in the shop today check back tomorrow. 


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