Introducing anther fellow etsian:
Check out her shop, she has some cool and unique items in there! I was also checking her blog and found this cool blog post:
PictureLink to post
Tarn! This is a picture from the post, basically she has taken tarn - yarn made from material like t-shirts, sheets, jeans, etc. and used her awesome crochet skills to make rugs and more.

This shows her 'helpers' and the large circle rug that she may still be crocheting on! Wow! I love crochet and find it relaxing, I think Cassandra does too.
I miss my little helpers so will have to borrow hers!

PictureLink to Store
I know this isn't crochet and it is Celebrate Crochet month but I had to show this cool item from her shop: Gertie the Beaver - Plush Art Doll. A collectible, handmade plush animal.

This is so cute and unique! Not sure how she makes these, will have to search her blog to see if she has instructions.

PictureLink to store
Here are some adorable earrings from Pook's shop as well. These are gorgeous! I love amber and these would look great on me if I had pierced ears! :)

Go check out Pook's website and store, let us know what you liked best! I hope you continue to celebrate crochet month with us! We would love to hear about what you have made with tarn or how you relax with crochet.
Have a great one, Kristina  
Pictureclick me to see visit Darn Good Yarn
Recently we opened a wholesale account with a great company called Darn Good Yarn. They are awesome because they like 3 of my favorite things: yarn!, helping the environment, and helping people. From their recent email:  "Darn Good Yarn, with your help, removed approximately 6000 pounds of waste from landfills last year. I want to knock that number up, up, up for 2012!" They do this by buying yarn spun from the leftovers from making the sari dresses. " This recycled silk sari yarn is handspun in women's co-ops and act as income supplements to farming families in non-growing season in Nepal and India and made from remnants of new silk. " 

Pictureclick me to see this cool yarn
We bought the yarn pictured here. Its the recycled resolutions. Its really cool because it has one base color but then lots of colors blended in. As a beginning spinner it was really exciting to see and to handle. It is very twisty yarn. Not sure if that has something to do with the materials or the spinning process. I am having a hard time thinking of what to make with it. Suggestions?

Pictureclick here for this pattern
I did browse through their free patterns and I am leaning heavily toward making... and keeping for myself... this really great belt, scarf, headband... thing. Its awesome and very lovely. I will keep browsing but already I am finding more I want to buy. 

Pictureclick me for unspun banana fiber
Recently I have begun spinning and am greatly intrigued by these neat fibers they have. This one is banana fiber! How cool is that? They also have unspun silk left overs.   I think I may need to try some out soon!  I will keep you up to date if I finally make something with the recycled resolutions or if I break down and buy some fun spinning stuff. 

Check out the site, click the pictures to link over there. Its well worth the visit.
Thanks for reading, Kristina

Yes! Still celebrating Crochet month! We love the look of those lacy doilies but using those little hooks and fine thread just seems scary. So I wanted to share with you some people that aren't intimidated by the fine lace and the small hooks and make some doilies with style!
PictureClick to head to listing
Edangra, Lithuania, has several nice examples of lacy doilies and some other fun crochet items. I love the little basketball coasters! Go Tarheels! :) Gotta love March Madness!

PictureClick to head to listing
Mary in NY of MKCreations25 also boasts very lovely doilies. She also has some great quilted items and baby gear.

PictureClick to head to listing
Neleke, Netherlands is another Etsy seller with some beautiful crochet lace. She does have other handmade and vintage items for sale as well.

PictureClick to head to listing
Ini from Texas has such adorable trivets and doilies in her Small Stitches shop. I love the prices as well!

If you are inspired to try crocheting a doily here are some great sites with help, info and instructions:

Well you can google it :)

Keep on celebrating, Millie

Both Kristina and I love Amigurumi! However, we haven't done so well with crocheting our own - all those little pieces to sew together. So let me introduce you to Tiffamis!
One of Tiffany's creations, Pon, with his cookie. Isn't he the cutest?

She has two different styles of love bugs. They are so adorable and deserve a loving home. Check them out!

She has a friend for Pon - Little Zi! They look so adorable together. And their hearts show how much love they have for you!

This is a cute little girl and she comes scented with either cocoa or coffee with a small dollop of non-fat whipped cream! Yes, no calories and an adorable friend too!

Go out and enjoy Crochet month! Check back soon, maybe we will give some ami's of our own a try. Share with us any cute little Ami's you find out there and visit Tiffany's store to visit her little friends!
Thanks, Millie
Kristina made a litter of cat ear hats last week and I hopped in with a batch of headbands.
They come in adult and youth sizes and a multitude of colors. Both sizes have ties so you can snug it down like you want it.

(click pics to head to the store in another window)

These cute little Princess Tiara headbands in different colors and we added a tiny jewel to each peak (what do you call those things?)

Adult size has 5 peaks, youth three.

I know this stitch has many names and I usually call it the drop stitch, but while making them I could only think of VAMPIRES! So I call this style the Vampire Teeth.

You can choose coordinating or clashing colors - your choice :)

These styles are not on the website yet but check back. For the youngling a small, solid band that will fit newborn and up.
For the all grown up ones two strands for a more stylish look. Both these styles hook with a button enabling them to fit an size head.

Hope you are still having fun with crochet month and are enjoying our post blast. We sure are! Check out our shop and surf the web and then get out there and look for crochet everywhere!
Thanks for reading, Millie
We are still celebrating crochet month over here! How about you!

Last week Kristina had a litter of kitten hats! They are so gorgeous!
(click pictures to head to our Etsy store)

This little special kitty is a beautiful Carolina blue with soft fur and perky ears.

Who doesn't like a tuxedo cat? Rami models this hat which is soft, fuzzy and oh so cute!

(Sorry! Already sold)

Darker blue, like a Califorian blue with a bit of white and white ears, this one is special!

Hey Tigger, Tigger, Tigger!
This lovely Kitty is a pretty orange and golden yellow stripe with one ear of each color. Tiggers bounce and so will you wearing this hat!

Everyone loves the wildfire yarn and here you can have your own personal cat eared beanie in this beautiful red/orange color and perky ears.

One of those special kitties everyone loves, the Persian! soft, silky and pure white, this Cat eared hat will match every outfit!

Some cats have short fur, some have long fur, this lovely hat has both! Soft and fluffy hat with a trim and ears in fun fur.

Of course, there is always one black cat in every litter because it's lucky! Here is our little black cat, a lovely hat you can wear every day and with every outfit and spread love and luck everywhere you go!

I hope you like our cats and want to adopt one of your own! Visit our shop to see some more cat hats or drop a note if you want to special order one or more in your favorite color!
Thanks for reading, Millie & Kristina
I have mentioned Yarn Bombing before and thought I would share some more with everyone. It is so cool and fun to use of crochet or knit pieces to cover an object, transforming it from a piece of urban blah to WOW!
Bali does quite a bit of yarn bombing and I loved her post where she made little sweaters for rubber ducks and sent them down a river. I would have loved to see it in person!

Here Bali explains how to yarn bomb and she includes some great pictures! Check her out on facebook:

All that is says it is - 25 amazing pictures of yarn bombs and the final picture is the best!
I could see these lovely flowers at a school yard near my home. I bet the kids would love it!

Is yarn bombing legal? Well it kind of varies where you are and what you cover. Some places might consider it littering or graffiti, but the fad is catching on:

Here is a local story on yarn bombing:

I think in my searching, yarn bombing is moving from graffiti to being considered how it was intended - Art.

Go out and make some art today! :)
Thanks for reading, Millie
So it turns out that both Kristina and I are hesitant to crochet small things. I love crochet doll clothes but typically they are small, just like baby clothes. I thought  I would share with you some crochet doll clothes made by fellow Etsian, Southampton Creations.    
Patricia, in Canada, is a member of the Crochet dreamers team (like us!) and has some oh so beautiful and intricate Barbie clothes she crochets. 

Keep your Barbie warm and fashionable for St. Paddy's day with this so cute ensemble. 

I love how  Patricia really tricks out her clothes with little buttons and while the pieces all match they aren't monochrome. I want her to come dress me!

Another adorable ensemble, all coordinated for your Barbie. I love when I can shop and find a couple matching outfits at one time. Saves thinking so early in the morning.

Great Carolina Blue set for March Madness! Look at that oh so cute hat and a little matching purse! Has your Barbie ever looks so good and stylish?

While you are out celebrating crochet month stop by and say Hello to Patricia! We would love to hear what your favorite crochet items are! Drop us a line!
The first Saturday in April we return the Durham Craft market. We will have some new crochet to show. We can't wait! This will be our first spring/summer so we have no idea what to expect. Hopefully we receive a great response to our creations!

Here is a cool sundress we have designed. The pattern is for sale on our Etsy website.

Last year we started the DCM in October so we took the suggestions we had from last year to bring with us this year. One item that is super popular - washcloths. This year we have a cool loofa/body polisher bath mitt for sale (pattern on our Etsy site).

The ever popular and oh so cool cat hat is back and better than ever. Kristina has crocheted up a good supply in various colors just for the DCM. You know you want one!
Yes, she did some with round ears too!

This cool shrug Kristina designed out of cotton will be featured this summer as well. Great to wear to the beach or the office. Love it and want your own? Special order it from us in your choice of colors or buy the pattern and make your own.

Have fun and keep celebrating! :)
If you have any suggestions of items to make for Spring and Summer please let us know!
Every crafter knows that free patterns and tutorials are great! If nothing else they give you something to peruse while you muse :)
There are some great sites out there for free patterns but remember to practice safe surfing and debug after JIC!
Not listed in any particular order.
Of course Yarn companies should have lots of patterns and Lionbrand does.

Their spokesperson is Vanna White who publishes some really cool patterns.

We have already posted how they are our favorite yarn and shown some items we made from their patterns. Check them out :)

Another yarn company and one with some great yarn. Their acrylic yarn is very soft regardless of color (some colors usually feel rougher). They have some great patterns and the site is easily searched.

Yes, another yarn company! They have some good yarn and some excellent patterns. They have the Twins putting out some fashionable crochet and knit patterns. I love surfing their site for inspiration.

Another yarn company. They have some great cotton yarn in oh so pretty colors! A lot of their patterns seem to be for babies but there are some good ones and many unique patterns.

This site lists free patterns from everywhere - regular people to yarn sites and more. If you want a pattern listed, just send a link. If you can't find what you are looking for here, look again because there is everything here.

I know there are a zillion other sites out there but these are the ones I visit the most. If you have a favorite, let us know! :)

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