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I stumbled upon this Etsy duo from facebook because of this oh so adorable mini pom pom post. I love DIY stuff and I love little pom poms so win win! Then I visited their Etsy store and love it too!

Vicky and David have a lot of great items (click the pic to go to their etsy store) from stationary, notecards, tote bags and more! Fun place to wander around, pick things up and go ohhh ahhh. Yeah, I am that kind of shopper lol.

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So take one common kitchen implement - the FORK, add in some crafting material - the YARN and in moments you have tiny pom-poms!

How cool is that?
How many could you make in like 10 minutes?
Can you imagine how many things you have around your house, that you are currently wearing or that you plan to give out as gifts that could be covered in tiny pom-poms?

I am thinking of making zillions and adding them to everything - wait until hubby sees the TV!

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If you read the about me, you will find this - I love it so had to share it!
Vivid Please is a lifestyle blog that focuses on bringing a little 'Creative Curiosity' into your life..... Expressing yourself and being a little different is what makes you special; originality & uniqueness is the key to happiness.

I love these guys! I love that quote! I love being unique and I love that you are unique too! Go out and be original today!
Thanks for reading, Millie

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