Survivor is back on!! WOOT WOOT! I am so excited! I love the show, watch every season. I yell, cry and laugh with them while I eat a sweet snack! This season will be a fun one with all the twists! 

  After everyone talked about how excited they were to play the game with their loved ones,  Jeff Probst really threw everyone for a loop when he separated the family members and put them on opposite teams. 

Really - you didn't see that coming? Makes you think - could you survive/fight against your loved ones? For a million bucks or for your life? 

One of the worst mistakes I think was the relatives voting off Laura Boneham, Rupert's wife, with the surprise first day vote. This really riled Rupert and made him angry!! You could see his hair fluff out!

Rupert was given the chance to swap places with his wife, once again they have redemption island, sending her to the returning players team. I can't wait to see how this will work out!

Would you be willing to swap places with your loved one in the same situation? Why?

Worst Player of the first show (so far)- Gervase Peterson. If I recall, he had a hard time before with swimming and he hasn't improved his performance. 

After experience wins out and the returning players win the immunity challenge he also showed poor sportsmanship by celebrating the most, resulting in his niece, Marrisa, getting voted off.

Based on the fact the relatives lost due to poor puzzle solving, I would have voted off Katie Collins. She did not help the team at all and potentially slowed them down. 

If you could have voted someone off, who would it be?

Unless he looses in the Redemption Island battles, my pick to win is RUPERT!! and not just because he is awesome, wears tie dye and looks like a pirate. Ok, maybe that's why!

Who would you pick to win? Let's do a bit of a contest - whoever picks the winner will win a surprise from 2crochethooks! Leave your responses below, I will keep track and notify the winner!

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Life in a Break Down
9/18/2013 12:47:03 pm

Every season I make a prediction after episode 1 on who is going to win. I had a really good streak going through about season 15 and I've fallen off, so I have only been right about 50% of the time. I'm going to say that Aras' brother wins it all.

OMG...that segment with Culpepper doing math was too funny. Can you say Dumb Jock?!

9/18/2013 10:30:20 pm

I know that was halarious! Greg backed it up so we could see it again and we just died lol!! Still not sure what his point was but we couldn't stop laughing at him. Good luck to Vytas! But you know Rupert will win.....lol

9/23/2013 09:14:18 am

LOVE this show. I'm excited to see the loved ones compete against each other!

9/24/2013 12:21:28 pm

OMG!! So glad to find someone thru the linkup who's into Survivor much as I am! I would've voted Katie off, too. It's simple that there is no other reason they're going to tribal if not for the loss. But Gervase was pretty dismal at everything! Not only did he screw them up at the early part of the challenge but he was arrogant to brag about the win in front of the loved ones' face - how immature was that?

You can read a more detailed opinion piece of me from the first epi at the blog: http://www.survivor-insider.blogspot.com. watch out for I will be blogging the entire season, too. What's your prediction for episode 2?

9/25/2013 11:54:39 am

Hey saw your post, awesome!! Can't predict, show was tonight but I have it recorded, can't watch until tomorrow :( so exciting!!!


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