Hats are the hot thing (no pun intended lol) to wear for warmth, for 'coolness', and best of all,  for showing off your individual personality. Hats come in all sizes, shapes and with add-ons like ears, flowers, fins and more. Basically your imagination is the limit!

Here Kristina models the Cat eared beanie. This hat can be done in your choice of colors.

This lovely little girl modeling our puppy dog eared hat is Rami, Kristina's daughter and my granddaughter. As you can tell, she gets her good looks from her grammy! :)

This particular hat has ear flaps but you can get puppy ears on a beanie and in your choice of colors.

This is a fun hat with bear ears and stripes. We have this style hat in several colors. When it is made in white it looks just like a polar bear!! Try it in fun colors or add in an applique flower or other fun item.

This is an adorable hat that has created quite a buzz here at our local craft market. You really have to see it in person to get the full affect but it's a sea monster!! Kristina came up with this pattern from her own wellspring of creativity. So adorable, soft and squishy and, of course, totally able to be customized in your colors!

You don't have to have ears to personalize a hat. This hat is a great example done up in blaze orange and camo varigated yarn for a fun and feminine way to show off some colors typically used for guys. Add in the cute flower and the sparkly button just for a touch of whimsey!

We would be glad to personalize a hat for you! Click this link to special order a hat or send us an email with your suggestions. http://www.etsy.com/listing/82329660/custom-crochet-hat-beanie-tam


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