Spring came and went and I'm still in Spring cleaning mode. Today I was cleaning out my closet. I wish I had before pictures. I threw away a bag full of junk and donated 2 more. Yay me. Some of it was old crafts I no longer do (cross stitching), crafts I didn't like (punch needle embroidery) some clothes that don't fit (some went to mom for crafting), some clothes I just never wore (see previous statement) and on and on. 

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The closet looked great (wish I had a picture of that too). It was so open and airy, I had room to hang my clothes and have space between the categories. Super organized, I loved it. However, I was just looking, gazing really, into the closet and got to thinking about the empty floor space beneath the clothes. I started thinking that I could put something there so I whipped out my handy dandy tape measure and measured the space. 

The space wasn't really all that big as I had 2 sets of plastic drawers but I looked up some shelving online that might work. The best I could find were some el cheapo deluxe plastic ones and I decided that I didn't want that I wanted metal. (BTW I was looking for shelves to put food on, some of it heavy). I puzzled about it for a good while and decided that I could empty out the smaller set of drawers with some relocating so that is what I did. Once that was cleaned out I had a much bigger space. I remeasured and measured up to where the L bracket was holding up the closet rod. I looked on homedepot.com and got a neato set of metal shelves. 

The shelves arrived within a week (yayness) and I (emphasis on I) put them together right inside the closet so I wouldn't have to move them. They look great! They are super sturdy! I have plenty of room for my food preps and I couldn't be happier. Ok they did take up my empty space which is nice to have and see but its also nice to have my food all nice and organized. Keep an eye out for a post on my organization of my food. Woohoo. 



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