PictureLink to Pub
Greg, David and I went to Fandom Fest in Kentucky this weekend and had a great time! 
We ate at the "Troll under the Bridge Pub". After picking the trolls nose, we went in and ordered - Greg and I had "Hot and Brown" which was pretty good. 

David and our friend Kris with the troll.
David had the Spicy Angry Alfredo and loved it!
Kris had the taco salad which he said was excellent and looked yummy!

The backside of the troll. He was really awesome and well designed. 

PictureLink to website
Outside of our hotel was a limo. The driver was really nice and shared a lot of stories with us. He has transported a lot of stars and well known sports figures. He did say the average working joe will tip better than the richest star. This day he was taking a group on a tour of the local distilleries. 

The driver let me see the inside and take a picture. 
The bar is totally awesome. The picture does not do it justice. 

If you need a limo in KY, call these guys. Awesome!

PictureSherry w/Vincent from the Walking Dead cast
Sherry, a good friend, is the one who invited us up to the fandom fest. She was helping escort some of the Walking Dead cast. Here she is with Vincent, with David and fellow volunteer Sandy in the background. Vincent and others of the 'dead' Walking Dead cast members signed autographs and talked to fans all day with only a few short breaks. At the end of the day they were exhausted!

One of the fans had some shoes that she had some cast members sign. One of the artists at the fest had drawn zombies and cast members from the Walking Dead on her shoes. They looked great!

A fan gave this adorable doll to Merle and he let me photo it. Even though he was turned into a zombie on the show, Merle turned out to be a great guy! 

While David was hanging with his new friend, Merle, From The Walking Dead, I came to sneak a pic of the stuffed zombie doll. At the last second, Merle posed with me too! Told you he was awesome!!

Some of the people in costumes!
An Alli Event
7/29/2013 10:45:01 pm

Looks like you guys had a great time!

8/6/2013 12:21:48 pm

We did! Thanks for stopping by!


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