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Don't you love the tv show Burn Notice? Everyone at my house watches it and loves it. If you have watched, you know Fiona always has this totally cool hip bag. I have tried to make one for Kristina a couple times, somewhat successfully. 

Here is my re-purposed jean attempt at a cool hip bag. While not quite like Fiona's, it looks good and works good too! 

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I just discovered a store, Happy Cow, and it turns out they are the designer of Fiona's hip bag!! Now anyone can have a genuine leather hip bag without the pain of trying to make your own! :) AWESOME!

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While it was a happy accident to stumble on Fiona's bag, I did search the site to see what else they had available. They have cotton bags for kids - these are great since they are washable, durable and can give children somewhere cool to stash their stuff. Pretty good price too at less than $15.00. 

Great Christmas or birthday or any day gift :)

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I am most in love with these gemstone journals!! I don't journal but I now am thinking about picking it up.  Each journal has an inside pocket (bonus) and a genuine Labydrite gemstone. Beautiful and unique :) Perfect gift for that hard to shop for person on your list :)   

Happy Cow uses leather scraps left over from the industrial process, reducing what is dumped into local landfills. So yes! They are ecologically responsible which, to me, means a lot. Every time we can reduce our carbon footprint is a bonus. Love our Mother Earth and she will love us!

So stop by and check out Happy Cow and tell them we sent you :) We would love to hear what you think! 

Go out and hug a cow today :) Or pet your leather journal....either way!
Thanks for reading, Millie

P.S. While our opinions are our own and not compensated, if you do shop @ Happy Cow via our link we will receive a commission, and we say "thank you for that!". 

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Too much fun!! See you there!

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