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Don't you love the tv show Burn Notice? Everyone at my house watches it and loves it. If you have watched, you know Fiona always has this totally cool hip bag. I have tried to make one for Kristina a couple times, somewhat successfully. 

Here is my re-purposed jean attempt at a cool hip bag. While not quite like Fiona's, it looks good and works good too! 

Time for the second item in "the box" I received from Influenster: The Dr. Scholl's for Her

I am so excited!!! Today my very first Influenster box came in and had a bunch of goodies in it. Naturally the first thing I grabbed was the thing with chocolate in it! The BelVita Soft Baked energy bar. It looked so yummy how could I resist? Well it was yummy, and from the label it seems pretty healthy too. 

Meet Natalie, our new friend from Marigold's Loft! Mom, Crafter, entrepreneur, all around lovely lady. 

What she says about herself: 

"I used to be a yoga teacher, and also used to run meditation groups. I am a vibrational therapist and work with alternative healing methods.

I am a South African mom of two teens, living with my girls and hubby in Switzerland.

I used to homeschool our children, but since moving back to Switzerland have enrolled them in a local Steiner School. Not schooling the girls has given me a lot of extra time and so I have slowly become more and more involved in crafts of all kinds.

I adore knitting and crochet, and have spent many a blog hour posting about my WIPs and FOs :)

I am an avid reader and love curling up under the duvet with a nice cup of tea and a good book (which is very possible to do most days in Europe)."

You know we love to search the web for interesting sites, unusual creations, for fun and for inspiration. Today we wanted to introduce our latest find: Ananasa.com a great marketplace filled with beautiful items from the Middle East.

Ananasa.com started when two sisters wanted to expose the hidden beauty of the Middle East to the world. Ananasa takes care of logistics, customer service & marketing so artisans can focus on creating their hand-made items. They provide the platform to access a worldwide channel so that individuals can buy unique items from the Middle East, hassle-free.

And that is why it's called Ananasa (اناناسة):

Ana: means "I" in Arabic

Nas: means "the people" in Arabic

A: adding an a at the end allows the word to become feminine, just like the co-founders.

"for the people, by the people". 

I decided to browse around and see what sort of treasures are featured in the marketplace. I found so many beautiful and unique items like these Green Heels for $169. They are super cute! And genuine leather, nice. 

I love that they will ship worldwide, something that still intimidates me.

I loved this great "tea pitcher" that I found but it was called a ‘Khan El Khalili’ Jug, so I decided to find out what that actually means. The description says only "A beautiful handmade glass jug in Blue with a mix of silver colored metal. Also available in olive green and dark honey." 

So I did a little bit of research and I discovered Khan El Khalili refers to a major souq in the Islamic district in Cairo. Now I was even more confused, what is a souq? 

A little more reasearch later and I find out it a souq or souk is an open air marketplace! How interesting, so I gather that this great jug is based off of ones found in the open air marketplace of Cairo.

 Very cool. Learn something and shop at the same time! P.S. its only $35!  

Check out ananasa.com for that little something unique - as a treat for yourself or a gift for that person that has everything. Please let us know what you liked best!

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I stumbled upon this Etsy duo from facebook because of this oh so adorable mini pom pom post. I love DIY stuff and I love little pom poms so win win! Then I visited their Etsy store and love it too!

Vicky and David have a lot of great items (click the pic to go to their etsy store) from stationary, notecards, tote bags and more! Fun place to wander around, pick things up and go ohhh ahhh. Yeah, I am that kind of shopper lol.

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Another FB link that is totally AWESOME! Who says FB has no content? I love it!

This wonderful lady has given us the instructions on how to make a dozen different flavors of pop tarts! If you have kids you know you will be making a ton! These would be great too for the grownup - take some to the next pot luck, shower or get together and be prepared to be mobbed!

Flavors include fruits, berries (guess that is a fruit?), CHOCOLATE, spices and coffee.

So click the link over there and get to making me some pop tarts!!

Picturehttp://nerdigurumi.com/ Cool batman!
I'm a nerd, there I said it. Are you a nerd? Well even if you aren't I found this awesome, and fun, site called Nerdigurumi. They make amigurumi (obviously) with a nerd theme! How cool is that. If you aren't familiar with amigurumi you should become familiar with it because it is awesome. It is making stuffed animals (and people) with crochet. Totally fun and definitely cute. 

PictureOk, not me, its my daughter, but she is cuter. ^^
Kristina here, I was just browsing through my Etsy Activity and realized suddenly that I'd really like to share some of the amazing stuff I found. However, I don't feel like writing an entire blog on any one particular one, so I'm testing out a blog treasury! Let me know what you guys think and if you'd want to see more in the future. Click the pictures to get to the items (get a free Etsy account to buy if you don't have one already). Disclaimer: I don't get any benefit from recommending these items, I haven't tried out any of these items, if you buy them and don't like them I am not responsible, I just like the pictures, lol.) 

As you may, or may not, have noticed, I'm a sucker for amigurumi. Here is a fellow blogger and crafter that has cute little animals. I especially love the little rabbit.  (click the picture to go to their blog)

I love seeing the drawings and reading about the process. I may start sketching out my ideas in a notebook or something. of course I can't draw so that may be a bad idea. If you want some cute patterns with amazing information on the process check it out.

Thanks for reading, Kristina


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