Most of my coworkers know I crochet - mainly from the fun cat hats I wear. The other day at lunch, I got a request for a purse for a 3 year old. One small enough for them to carry around and look like a big girl without being bulky. I agreed to whip one up real quick for her. It turned out so cute, I wanted to share the pattern with you. 

With an I hook and standard weight 4 acrylic (gauge not important, just make sure your stitches are tight enough to not leave holes) 

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The American Doll giveaway is live! We are so excited to have the opportunity to join in on this event. One lucky winner will receive an American Girl Doll to call their own plus tons of clothes and accessories! It is very exciting and I hope you win!

When Kristina and I talked about joining the giveaway, I started surfing patterns because I wanted to make something special for the doll. There are actually quite a few patterns out there, some free some paid, here are my top 10 picks (click the photo to go to pattern):

 I found these hand sanitizers at the store the other day and you know, it's so awkward to carry them in your pocket. So I took some cotton yarn and a key chain hook and created this awesome tag along holder.
First I chained 5, then made 2 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in the next two chains, completed 3 sc in the end ch and sc in each stitch on the back side, finishing the first round with a sc in the same ch as the first 2 sc (making a small rectangle).

I did one more round for the bottom: 2sc in the first stitch, sc in the next 4 st, 2sc next stitch, sc next 5 and back to the start.

I did the remaining rounds in the back loop only (because I like the way the little ridges look and feel) and then sc in each sc around for about 12 rows. When it was the right height, I made the strap by stopping at one 'corner' and ch 1 turn - sc in same stitch and the next stitch, ch 1 turn - continue with sc in the two stitches until you reach the length you want (18 rows for mine), attach to the other side and finish off.

This is another great stash buster project and could be done in any type of yarn. I used cotton as it was beside me in my project basket and it looks great and works great!

I added the type of key chain hook that opens up (not sure if that has a specific name) so that I can attach my holder anywhere.

Thanks for reading! If you have any great hints and tips, please let us know! we love stash buster projects! Share some crochet celebrations with the people you meet!

We are now hosting our own blog hop/social link up @ Saturday night, 8pm ET – Snickerdoodle Sunday! Please stop by!

In addition we are co-hosting or sponsoring a few giveaways in the next few months - just in time for Christmas - so keep an eye out for those!

Oct 18th– 31st:Halloween Cash Giveaway with Dawn's Disaster 
Oct 28th – Nov 20th: Mega American Doll giveaway with Diana Rambles
Nov 1st: Black Friday giveaway with Raising Reagan

Too much fun!! See you there!

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The Creative Princess

Mom wanted a bag to put her soap in to wash but made out of wool. I dug through my stash and found a nice wool sock yarn. It is one of those that makes a pattern if you crochet in the round but I couldn't get the images to line up so I just made it spotted instead. This little baggie would work with any sock weight yarn but cotton or wool would probably be best. 

So Staples had 1 cent tissues with the purchase of $5 or more. I was there to buy notebooks but figured while  I'm here I might as well get something for a penny! I then bought the max you can get which is 5. At home, I'm sitting there looking at these tissues thinking, "I really didn't need these, what am I going to do with them?" When I thought, make a case for the craft show! 
Let me explain the zombie theme.... Mom (Millie) is working with a friend of ours to set up a trip to some fan fest where the Walking Dead cast will be so we were doing some zombie theme items. (If you see a Frankenstein's monster rather than zombie don't feel too bad, so did my daughter. By the way August 30th is Frankenstein day - bet you didn't know that!) 

Mom got this great pink fuzzy yarn at a yardsale and there were 2 whole skeins so I wanted to do something kind of big with it. 

A shawl seemed like a great idea but I've never really done one before so I browsed around on google to find a good free pattern. I happened upon a picture of a lovely shawl called the Sprout chains shawlette. 

Crochetme.com has a great free booklet of shawl patterns here with this beautiful shawl in it (top one in the picture to the left. I fully recommend this little pamphlet, and hey, its free so why not, right? 

If you are perchance a guy and squeamish like my husband then this post isn't for you. As women we naturally have to carry feminine protection items with us in our purse. Tampons, pads, pantyliners, whatever you use will fit in this cute little pouch and I'll tell you how.  

I personally prefer tampons but I am not brand specific, I will use whatever is on sale with a coupon. I picked the largest I could find to make my pouch so that it would for sure fit any. A pad would work as well for the directions, I will teach you how to adjust for your size. Unfortunately the stitching didn't show very well but trust me, when you are all done you will see how cute it is! 

Hey everyone. As you may or may not know I am a big save the environment type person. As such I like to find ways to limit a) purchases b) things I throw away. I was tossing out a nylon loofah or bath sponge that had literally fallen apart when I got to thinking that there HAD to be a better way. Better for the environment, and lets face it, better for my wallet. So I got to looking online for a crochet loofah pattern. 

I have a friend from work who has 4 grand daughters and she wanted hats for each child to give as a Christmas gift. Her only stipulation, she wanted them all to be unique. I made each of the four hats a different color and style and for a touch of fun, added a different butterfly for each hat. My friend and her granddaughters loved their hats! Today, I am going to share the pattern for the third hat and butterfly with you as the hat is my own design and a bit different than your usual hat.


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