We are co-hosting the Mega American Doll Giveaway! So exciting!
When we signed up for this awesome giveaway I started surfing for patterns. Kristina and I want one (or two) of these dolls, so happily jumped in on the giveaway.

I did one post on the top 10 crochet patterns and then I wondered if there were any sewing patterns for free? 

We recently adopted a little Chug girl, Macy. It's a funny story how it happened but that's a different post. 

Macy was home with us for about 2 days before we realized the house is a bit cold for her (blame the hot flashes!). So we decided she needed some clothes. Too funny, she LOVES to wear clothes. 

Here is how to make a doggie tee in 5 minutes.

Visit your local Goodwill or other thrift shop and buy some onesies (or t's or tanks) in your pups size - Macy is 3 months. Here they cost $1.19 - TONS cheaper than any doggy outfits at the store. 
Cut off the snappy ends and toss aside for some later project. 
You can finish here if you like - they are made of a cotton (t-shirt material) so shouldn't shred. Or you can add a quick small hem - straight, zig zag, fancy stitch - your choice.
And yes that is pink thread in the needle and orange bobbin thread. Nice of you to notice :)
Fairly quickly I whipped up 7 of these babies (original test one not in the photo, but sitting sadly all alone on a different table, it is cute though).
I think this is my fav though because she reminds me of a little monkey when she wears clothes. No idea why lol. 
Aren't I adorable?!? If you agree, please go like the rescue group that helped me find my new mom! https://www.facebook.com/HopeAnimalRescue

Go out today and spend 5 minutes doing something fun :)
Thanks for reading, Millie

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Oct 28th – Nov 20th: Mega American Doll giveaway with Diana Rambles
Nov 1st:Christmas Cash giveaway with Raising Reagan
Nov 5th: Green Christmas Giveaway
Nov 9th: Hope Animal Rescue benefit Thirty-One Retro Metro Purse Giveaway
Too much fun!! See you there!

Ok so there are 100 directions for melting crayons into new crayons so this isn't so much a tutorial as a "I did it!" post.  I can't find the exact post I used originally so I cannot give credit, sorry about that. 

The instructions were to cut the crayons into pea size pieces and put them in an oven at 150 degrees for like 20 minutes. If the melted crayons stick once cool, pop them in the freezer to loosen them up. 

Kristina found some white dress shirts during a clean up at her house and you know us, we had to tie dye them.....

I think I have always loved bright, cheery colors but the last few years I have really fallen in love with tie dye! 

This shirt had lace and ribbon on it and was adorable - we just lightly folded and added a few rubber bands then dyed it some purple. Turned out real nice!

When learning to crochet the first thing you learn is single crochet, then double crochet. The first things you usually make are scarves or blankets. The most fun thing to learn and crochet are - Granny Squares!!

This is the first blanket I made with the granny squares - the traditional every round a different color, each square different from the other and edged in black. A real beauty but labor intensive.

The other day we were looking at our cloth scraps and decided to try some wall art. In our search we found a piece that had two giraffes nose to nose over some palm trees - Meet Me at the Oasis was born!

We added some other scraps with a tropical or jungle kind of feel, we cut out some assorted creatures and found a cool piece of scrap for the backdrop (it even already had the wide hem to slide a rod into!).

Seems all the rage is personal cloths so I decided to make some of my own. Everyone has different sizes so I made some in various sizes and decided I liked ones that were 4in by 6in. I am using these just for number 1 but man already the difference it has made in my tp consumption! Great way to reduce your carbon foot print!

There is a lot going on with leggings and boot toppers so we wanted to give it a try. I called up my willing victim...I mean model....to give some leggings a try. Kind of silly, she always where long skirts but she was still very interested. 

These cuties are the arms of a striped cotton sweater that is very soft! Greens, black & white colors with a gold and black button, white lace and green ribbon accent. 

A lady at work asked if I could make afghans - she had seen me crocheting during down times for a couple months. I shared our website with her and told her 'Of course!"

She then asked if I could make a blanket for her 6 month old niece. Unfortunately she couldn't decide on what colors she wanted so I told her I would pick something that included the colors she mentioned.   

Heading to the store to buy yarn I was thinking to myself - how will I find one yarn that includes yellow, pink and purple? Well, of course, a varigated yarn might! And sure enough, melonberry to the rescue. Including a couple shades of pinks, yellows, orange, purple and I have no idea what the other color is supposed to be - greyish purple brown is my best guess.

I was actually making a granny rectangle baby blanket for Newborns in Need when she asked about making one for her niece so showed her that blanket but she wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. So I showed her the cowlcho I was making for another co-worker and she loved the shell pattern. So I made the Melonberry Afghan in a shell pattern (shell, 2 dc, shell). It worked out real pretty I think.

The request was actually for a 3x3 blanket but the  yarn is so busy that I felt it needed more length. I haven't measured it but I think it's probably a bit over 4 ft long and a bit less than 3 ft. wide. I left the edges all straight because I felt any edging would just make it look fussy.

Just to let you know, we love special orders, we are very flexible and we can create a pattern for something you want even if one doesn't currently exist. Just give us a chance to blog about you and your special request.

And if you are wondering, the coworker and her niece loved the blanket!!
Another happy and satisfied customer :)

Thanks for reading!!

Some days you just feel like ripping something up! So we decided to rip up some t-shirts! best way to make t-shirt cowls is to rip up some t-shirts! After ripping and pulling the strings, add a bit of decoration and there you have a great cowl.

These not only use an upcycled t-shirt but some quilt square scraps, so double re-use!


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