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We are so excited to be co-hosts for the American Girl Doll Mega Giveaway! The winner gets to pick the doll they want plus they will receive an awesome wardrobe for the doll! This giveaway will make someones dreams come true!
You may have seen the post where we made a purse for the doll. I also wanted to make something else but  my sewing skills are not up to making an outfit so decided to make a blanket! Every doll has to sleep sometime! 

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Kristina and I are co-hosting the American Girl Doll Mega Giveway (your choice of doll and cool wardrobe!) and wanted to make something to give with the doll. 

What girl can get through life without a purse or 12? So we decided to make a purse. We surfed for a good pattern and found this one from Karatootie!

Hey, you may have noticed I have been a bit slack lately working on my 101 ways to upcycle blue jeans....I think i stalled out mid summer on number 13. Photo recap to get us in the mood.....

Kristina wanted a belt bag and I wanted to make one. How was the question. So looking in our stash I came across this cute toddler skirt made of blue jean patches. So cute! Should be pretty roomy and the small waist would make a good size to hook to an adults belt and best of all it already has belt loops!

I sewed the bottom of the skirt with a nice tight straight stitch and then again with a decorative stitch (I like those, my Singer does like 15 different ones). I probably should have lined it but was having so much fun I didn't think about it!

I had a request for a larger jean purse style so decided to try out what I am calling the Butt Purse!! The larger the pair of jeans, the larger the purse. 
Take the top of a pair of jeans - I used a pair of men's jeans, cut right above the crotch area, below the pockets. 

if you want your purse lined, cut out the lining about the same size as the purse. If you arrange it right and can put a fold at the bottom of the purse lining, you save some effort because you won't need to sew across the bottom of the lining!

Kristina is always a willing victim ... I mean participant... when I want to try something new. So I wanted to try making blue jean skirts, she likes to wear long skirts, so we made a few.

This one we blogged on already - it was a prom dress originally that we cut off the skirt, gathered up the top edge and sewed it onto the jeans. 

Then we do a bit of top stitching along the edge of the jean/skirt to make it look pretty and there you have a lovely skirt! 

I have made at least a dozen blue jean skirts now and I have posted a tutorial so this is just some of the pictures of ones I have made.

This one is so cute - I have mainly made bubble style skirts - no hem making!! - and this one has a great leopard print skirt. 

So Kristina and I had a special request for a blindfold to be used in a magic trick. So some quick research and here is what I ended up with.

I used a scrap of T-shirt, scraps of a black jean, some cotton batting and elastic.

When I was a young girl, I spent the summer with my grandmother one year. Every night after I had my bath, she would dust me all over with powder. I loved it and decided with summer here, some powder to help absorb some extra dampness might be nice.

So the other day I decided I needed a powder puff and went shopping for one. I could not find a puff unless it was already covered in some scented perfumey powder. So I decided to make my own.

I was looking at a pair of Rami's old jeans and thought I could make a wine carrier or gift bag out of them. Here it is! What do you think? 
Materials needed:
Kid jeans
small piece of cotton batting


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