So Kristina and I had a special request for a blindfold to be used in a magic trick. So some quick research and here is what I ended up with.

I used a scrap of T-shirt, scraps of a black jean, some cotton batting and elastic.

PictureClick to shop
I stumbled upon this Etsy duo from facebook because of this oh so adorable mini pom pom post. I love DIY stuff and I love little pom poms so win win! Then I visited their Etsy store and love it too!

Vicky and David have a lot of great items (click the pic to go to their etsy store) from stationary, notecards, tote bags and more! Fun place to wander around, pick things up and go ohhh ahhh. Yeah, I am that kind of shopper lol.

When I was a young girl, I spent the summer with my grandmother one year. Every night after I had my bath, she would dust me all over with powder. I loved it and decided with summer here, some powder to help absorb some extra dampness might be nice.

So the other day I decided I needed a powder puff and went shopping for one. I could not find a puff unless it was already covered in some scented perfumey powder. So I decided to make my own.

PictureClick for instructions
Another FB link that is totally AWESOME! Who says FB has no content? I love it!

This wonderful lady has given us the instructions on how to make a dozen different flavors of pop tarts! If you have kids you know you will be making a ton! These would be great too for the grownup - take some to the next pot luck, shower or get together and be prepared to be mobbed!

Flavors include fruits, berries (guess that is a fruit?), CHOCOLATE, spices and coffee.

So click the link over there and get to making me some pop tarts!!

Latest big thing around Durham is Super Hero Capes! So Kristina and I thought we would make some of our own. Man was it fun! We made the basic style of cape, an edged cape and batman style cape.

Here Bob models the Captain America style. He loved the blue cape - but wanted the star taken off so it could be a "Spiderman cape". Yep, he is totally stuck on Spiderman and you can't remotely tell him Spidey did not wear a cape.

Hello everyone, Millie here. Just wanted to announce that I have a new scarf released for the Scarf of the Month club! Scarves are so much fun to crochet and just as much fun to wear. A good scarf can make an outfit fun, exciting, super stylish or just add a splash of color.

My husband is always amazed that I can take a skein of yarn and a crochet hook and finish up with some item like a scarf, blanket, hat, etc. He is a lineal thinker and can’t imagine, even with a pattern to follow, how the creative process works. To me, scarves are the best way to let your creative side loose! Typically scarves are fairly quick to produce, economical as far as yarn usage, and in the end can be worn to show off your skill. The crochet artist can choose to use anywhere from one color to a zillion colors of yarn; one particular stitch, variations of that stitch or a combination of stitches to make the pattern she (or he) envisions in their mind; a scarf can be skinny, wide, short or long, fringed or not – basically there is no limitation on what you might do with a scarf. As a bonus, as they are typically done in a short period (verses weeks for an afghan), so you are quick to get to that sense of satisfaction. I like that.

Not every item I make has an interesting story behind it, sometimes I just want to try a new pattern or see how some colors go together. The other day I was outside in my garden and the wind was blowing so hard and the clouds were racing across the sky, pollen was blowing everywhere and leaves, flowers and other little items were bumping from one side of the yard and back to the other. With the wild cherry tree in my yard it sometimes looks like a snow storm! Looking at the fluffy clouds I thought to myself wouldn’t a scarf made of clouds be awesome? So, here is my attempt to crochet a cloud scarf. I hope you like it!

Thanks to everyone for your friendship and support of our art here at 2crochethooks. As usual, any questions, comments or suggestions gladly accepted!

Thanks for reading,


Kristina here: If you did not read my other post my goal is to make a passive income stream that earns $75 a month by Dec. 1st. I am doing this through a very interesting website. www.stevepavlina.com.

Jumping ahead to one of the next articles he is talking about passive value. It makes sense that a lot of people just go and try to make money and don't bother to try to make something of value. We've been trying for awhile now to make a value stream with this website you are reading right now. I'm hoping we are succeeding. We would love feedback from you on what would make it more valuable to you. Up until recently were we not monetizing this website at all. Well we hoped you might buy a pattern or 2 of course but recently we have begun adding advertisements. However, I am very careful to only ad adds for places I myself shop and things I like. Stuff that would benefit a fellow crocheter. 

One of the suggestions for a passive income stream is an ebook. If we do an ebook what kind of book would you want to see? 


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