Mom got this great pink fuzzy yarn at a yardsale and there were 2 whole skeins so I wanted to do something kind of big with it. 

A shawl seemed like a great idea but I've never really done one before so I browsed around on google to find a good free pattern. I happened upon a picture of a lovely shawl called the Sprout chains shawlette. 

Crochetme.com has a great free booklet of shawl patterns here with this beautiful shawl in it (top one in the picture to the left. I fully recommend this little pamphlet, and hey, its free so why not, right? 

Pictureclick to open website
 I took a class on canning from Colorado State University - home study course - and yes, I did graduate and yes, I learned a lot! I finished the class feeling more confident in my canning abilities. Since then I have canned - water bath and pressure - a lot of jellies, fruits, veggies, meats and soups. I am always on the look out for good recipes. 

When learning to crochet the first thing you learn is single crochet, then double crochet. The first things you usually make are scarves or blankets. The most fun thing to learn and crochet are - Granny Squares!!

This is the first blanket I made with the granny squares - the traditional every round a different color, each square different from the other and edged in black. A real beauty but labor intensive.

Pictureclick for a tutorial
Hey everybody! I was cleaning up the other day (I hate cleaning up) and found a shoe caddy, the kind that hang on the back of a closet door. Weird thing to find right? Well originally I was going to use it to grow plants in but I have discovered that my porch gets way too much sun for anything to grow so I was wondering what to do with it. 

If you are perchance a guy and squeamish like my husband then this post isn't for you. As women we naturally have to carry feminine protection items with us in our purse. Tampons, pads, pantyliners, whatever you use will fit in this cute little pouch and I'll tell you how.  

I personally prefer tampons but I am not brand specific, I will use whatever is on sale with a coupon. I picked the largest I could find to make my pouch so that it would for sure fit any. A pad would work as well for the directions, I will teach you how to adjust for your size. Unfortunately the stitching didn't show very well but trust me, when you are all done you will see how cute it is! 

I have heard about cooking bacon in the oven, so thought I would give it a try.

Place your bacon on a tinfoil covered pan or on a rack over a tinfoil covered pan, and place in the oven. Turn to 400 degrees and wait.


Hey everyone. As you may or may not know I am a big save the environment type person. As such I like to find ways to limit a) purchases b) things I throw away. I was tossing out a nylon loofah or bath sponge that had literally fallen apart when I got to thinking that there HAD to be a better way. Better for the environment, and lets face it, better for my wallet. So I got to looking online for a crochet loofah pattern. 

I was online trying to figure out how to use Pinterest and while having fun with the pins, I stumbled on some pictures of crochet items. Thought I would share some of the good, bad and unique. 

First good one

These are awesome! Not something I would have thought of - crochet shoe (covers)! Love this, will probably give it a try!

 never really got going on my garden this year. Well - I did but it was too early and most of my plants died in a cold snap or were eaten by the horrendous swarm of inch worms we had hatch in the cherry tree out back.  The whole house was COVERED in the worms and their silk tails. 

The strawberries (3rd year plants) survived - mainly because I thought they wouldn't survive the winter so had buried them under a lot of hay....which they liked oddly enough. 

I have a friend from work who has 4 grand daughters and she wanted hats for each child to give as a Christmas gift. Her only stipulation, she wanted them all to be unique. I made each of the four hats a different color and style and for a touch of fun, added a different butterfly for each hat. My friend and her granddaughters loved their hats! Today, I am going to share the pattern for the third hat and butterfly with you as the hat is my own design and a bit different than your usual hat.


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