Oh I have wanted to make towel toppers forever and finally find a fun and easy pattern to follow: http://kleiosbelly.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/christmas-prezzies-6-1-for-you/
I had two extra large cotton towels so I used them, cutting them in half. One Red and one Navy blue. I knew they would look so cute with blue jean tops!

I pretty much followed the instructions exactly and ended up with three out of 4 of the towel toppers. I learned to use PINS when the back side of one slipped badly and did not get sewn. Eventually I will rip it out and fix it.
This pattern also gave me the opportunity to finally learn how to use the button hole function of the sewing machine. You can tell that while I did get the hole made it's a bit higher than I meant for it to be. Overall a great pattern, very easy for an intermediate beginner like me!

If you make your own towel topper or have other ideas for me on how to upcycle some jeans, let me know! I have 96 more recycles to go!
Thanks for reading, Millie

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